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Humentum 2019 Annual Conference

FRI03 - Seeing 2020: Cyber Threats, Data Breaches, IT Controls, and New Data Privacy Standards

Jul 12, 2019 9:50am ‐ Jul 12, 2019 10:50am


This session will offer insights into protecting against data breaches, IT controls, and new regulations related to IT safeguards. This session will review controls to ensure data security, safeguard information stored on an internal unclassified information system, identify breaches, and improve overall employee training and awareness. We will discuss recent regulatory guidance on the topics of cyber incident reporting, protecting unclassified information, and GDPR. How to budget for IT security? How to protect personally identifiable information gathered in the field? How to engage your biggest resource, your employees, as a "human firewall" to protect your information assets?

  • Engage employees in feeling ownership over data protection and cybersecurity- no matter organizational size.
  • Inventory systems and data housing to begin proactive conversations about data protection and cyber security.
  • Invitation to follow-up webinars and links to resources for continuing the conversation.


  • Amit Garg, Director, BRG
  • Mac Esmilla, Chief Information Security Officer, World Vision International

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