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InsideNGO 2016 Annual Conference: Achieving Global Impact

WE04 - Listen Like a Jedi Master

Jul 13, 2016 9:15am ‐ Jul 13, 2016 10:30am


In today’s world where attention is a scarce resource, no leadership skill is more valuable than actively listening to someone—really doing it, not just nodding and planning what you’re going to say next. Active listening means listening with all your senses, not just your ears to hear beyond the words. This fun and interactive session introduces a five-step, practical model of communication based on dynamic listening, reflection & reframing, asking resonant, open-ended questions, and interest-based problem solving. Packed with 1980's pop culture references, Jedi mind tricks, ridiculous drawings and bad puns, this workshop will deepen your listening skills, enhance your ability to identify your own strengths and weaknesses as listeners, and learn concrete techniques to strategically enhance your communication skills. Particular emphasis will be placed on the relationship between effective listening and the ability to manage conflict and emotionally charged and difficult conversations.


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